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StraitWay Online has been down for some time now. The company used to host these pages did some software upgrades that caught me off guard and broke the content management system I was using. Because of this it is my intention to redo the site without depending on a cms and thus we should avoid such problems in the future. As most of the StraitWay site contains static articles and will only have static pages added for the class material, it needs to be a put it online and not have to worry about it kind of site.

For now I have made all issues of StraitWay available as pdf files. These are just replicas of the printed copies we mailed out a decade ago. (Has it really been that long?) Because of this please ignore the contact information that can be found in these files as much of it is no longer correct. If you have questions please contact me via email at dleehend@gmail.com. I can get you in touch with any of the writers that are still available.

Please notice a new link made available in the left hand menu, Class Material. This link will take you to a page listing the Bible Class Material written by Glenn Melton. All of the New Testament is covered by the material listed with the exception of Revelation. I hope to have those lessons converted before the end of the year. This material is in the PDF format with one file for each book. I hope that you will find this material useful in teaching the Word of God.

Dan Henderson
editor & webguy



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